Maria Paraskevopoulou – Master 2 -Trento, Italy – 2015-2016 : Neural and cognitive assessment correlates of the restricted-inattentive ADHD sub-type (co-supervision with Thomas Wolfers, Jan Buitelaar)
Erasmus master student from Italy. For her internship she contacted Prof. Dr. Jan Buitelaar. We supervised Maria during this internship and had weekly one-on- one meetings as well as group meetings with Maria.

Antoine Bouyeure – Master 2 – UPMC, Paris – 2016-2017 and as PhD candidate – Neurospin – Autumn 2019 – Hippocampus maturation in children (co-supervision with Izabela Przezdzik, Koen Haak, Marion Noulhiane)
Visiting student for one month to learn about the method “Congrads” and apply it to a developemental database from Neurospin.

Tristan Looden – Master 2 – Groningen, the Netherlands – 2017-2018 : task potency across cognitive domain in ASD (full supervision)


Bachelor 1 psychology – Radboud University, year 2015-2016 : working groups in “introduction to neuroscience”, organized by Eric Maris

Biennial Edinburgh SPM course 2019, Edinburgh, UK, 4/04/2019, lecture: Functional connectivity overview: task vs rest (1h) ; 4/04/2019 tutorial: rsfMRI basics & connectopic mapping (1h30)

Donders (f)MRI Toolkit, 6/06/2019, lecture: Advanced Functional Connectivity (50min) ; 4/06/2019 tutorial: Pre-processing & denoising (hands-on)


02/16/17 conference for trainer and teacher (Limoges) in team with Jean Luc Berthier

05/10-11/16 neuroscience and engineering of training: 30 trainers (ESENESR – Poitiers)
– in charge of the presentation of the scientific knowledge from cognitive science that can be applied to education
– teaming with Jean Luc Berthier to make the link with possible application to education

04/07-09/16 popularizing science: 30 PhDs (Marseille)
– creation of a full day training about “how to do outreach of science to children”
– inclusion of cognitive science knowledge about children cognition
– supervision of the practical : creating a tale about their research/Ph.D topic

Formations Doctorale – Marseille 2015


MOOC : éducation par la recherche : les neurosciences à l’école

MOOC : éducation par la recherche : les neurosciences à l’école – l’extension

(teaching by doing research : neuroscience at school)

created by les Savanturiers du cerveau, with Cogni’Junior as partner. I had the opportunity:
– to build part of the teaching content by creating some of the videos about “how to lead an experiment in cognitive science with children” for the section of the MOOC called “enjeux de la recherche” (research stakes)
– to validate the evaluation guide
– to lead the team of researchers involved in creating this section of the MOOC
– to lead the team of researchers inside the teaching staff animating the MOOC during the runtime and helping teachers on their project
– to animate forum during the runtime
– to helps 5 teaching in their project and evaluate some other projects
– to participate to the live Skype to update the participants


MOOC : apprendre et enseigner par les sciences cognitives

(learning and teaching with cognitive sciences)
initiated by  « Sciences cognitives, Comment changer l’École » (Cognitive science, how to change schools) a grouping of players in the education world and adult training : civil organisation and land army. I had the possibility:
– to create the guideline to lead a validation of the “inovative method” that participant try to test as project in the mooc
– review the content of the mooc, especially the scientific knowledge