Started in 2012, this popularization project aims at producing playful documents to talk about cognitive science to children. It turn into a non-profit organization in october 2017 and I became president.

I started this project with a first idea : creating tales to talk about cognitive science. Quickly, I gathered several motivated master student to write the first story “Mimi the microglia”. Soon we multiplied the variety of tools that we started to create, under the impulsion of partners and collaborators and request to participate to thematic events. We centralized them online, putting everything freely available. I had the chance to find on the way a team of very motivated individuals from various background and skills that soon become close and supportive friends. With a growing team on board of this project we developed tales, comics, games, exhibits and playful training. We tested them all by doing demo in school, in hospital or scientific festival or by doing training, following the request of education or clinical staffs.

We currently cover the thematic of :

  • cognitive functions: with comics, games and an exhibit, done for education purposes, axis learning-how-to-learn,
  • neurobiology: with the series of tales about Mimi the microglia, multiple comics and an exhibit,
  • neurodegenerative diseases and aging: with comics as a request from a lab and a retirement house,
  • developmental diseases: with a series of tales of a little wolf, done for education purposes, axis inclusive-school (ongoing work)
  • robotic: with a tale about a little robot (ongoing work)

After several years of experience, we proposed popularization training to try to help researcher to made their move and reach to the general public.

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OCEANA program

Today, as a non profit organization, we are leading a major project called “OCEANA program” in partnership with the Donders Institute, to promote neuroscience teaching linked to learning processes in school. We developed a starting kit covering multiple aspect of learning, available in multiple languages and that is broadly used in France, belgium and the Netherlands.
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