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A blog for popularization of cognitive neuroscience created and managed by researchers from the Donders Institute

I began to blog at the Donders Wonders the second year of my PhD. All blogs are posted in English and in Dutch. Most of mine are comics. Here are the list of them:

Brain Awareness Week: How to talk to children about the brain

Cognitive emotion-regulation

Memory Man – Episode 2

Memory Man – Episode 1

Emotions and memory – Episode 2: Dealing with emotional overload (Part 2)

Emotions and memory – Episode 2: Dealing with emotional overload (Part 1)

Emotions and Memory – Episode 1: Best and worst of emotions

When live-sketching meets neuroscience

How can we apply neuroscience findings in the classroom?

Stroke: When there’s no food available in the brain

Multiple Sclerosis: A chain reaction

Parkinson’s disease: Disrupted Communication

Teach neuroscience with the Donders Teaching Kit

Alzheimer’s disease: too much work for microglia

I don’t actually do everything at the same time.

Wait a second, you’re not going to write this down?

Am I stressing out?

Controlling your inhibition

Memory systems and learning

Use and Control of Emotions

Attention systems

Brain aging

Evolution of a speaking brain

Meeting Sinterklaas: a brain story

How about you doing science?