OCEANA Program


By combining the strength of Cogni’Junior and the financial help of the Donders Institute, I had the chance to lead the development of a kit to teach neuroscience in primary school and help children to become agent of their learning processes.

The program entails 3 initial steps : a creation step, an improvement step using the feedback from the user community and an evaluation step, with both a pedagogic evaluation of the quality of the material and a cognitive evaluation of the effect of teaching neuroscience on children empowerment.

The teaching kit was developed by grouping a range of tools from Cogni’Junior and creating a guideline organize over 11 sessions. This creation step last from April 2016 to December 2016, first by leading brainstorming, working session and communication in a team with different backgrounds, skills, point of view and languages.

Answering to the Donders Innovation Voucher 2016, I got the opportunity to produce 300 kits to distribute in three languages (french, english and dutch) for an iterative validation and improvement of the teaching kit.

The program continue with the improvement step gathering request from the community and creating several new activity to put the theory in practice. For some of them, we got inspiration from existing and validated scientific program or by working with expert in the field.
This kit is viewed as a launching ramp to introduce the global knowledge necessary to understand “how we learn” and can be followed by going deeper into one concept or another using programs that we reference and that inspired us.
This step is released as a teaching kit v2 in autumn 2019.

The final step: evaluation, aims at finalizing the material into a validated tools for everyone to use. Modification relative to the evaluation feedback will produce the teaching kit v3.

To learn more about this kit, I invite you to have a look at the OCEANA program page.

Donders Innovation voucher